The one where I talk about my endometriosis….



This post has been a while in the making, as I keep getting tied up with jobs and falling asleep. Ha!

Ive mentioned before that I have endometriosis and PCOS and these two are the reason we can’t conceive naturally. Lately I’ve been having flare up’s. I’ve never been bothered with flare ups before. I have my monthly, bloat mid month, feel fab then have a horrendous monthly before the cycle starts again. Over recent months that’s changed and not for the better if I’m honest as I have no idea where I stand with it all.

My monthly is arriving every 28-30 days on average, and this has always been the case. Before Daniel my periods were horrendous and I mean horrendous. I would struggle to stand from the sofa, then struggle to sit and stand straight. It felt like my whole insides were swollen. They were still pretty bad after pregnancy too, then slowly improved. I now manage to handle a period without constant codeine, paracetamol AND ibuprofen. I still have days where I bleed beyond a super+ tampon within an hour but it’s manageable.

I am now however dealing with other issues caused by my endometriosis such as – super length periods, bleeding after sex (90% of the time) coupled with pain during sex and mid month bleeding. Given my periods are longer than normal it’s like I’m bleeding for 3 weeks then I get a week off.  Lucky me!

These last few week s have been my worst flare up. Since this cycle began on 5th June, I’ve had 2 days without any bleeding. It’s now 30th June. So my next cycle is just around the corner. These last 11 days my stomach has been awful, I’ve felt groggy and exhausted and had headaches. My stomach as been bloated every day. Not just average bloating. They type of bloating you get after eating Christmas dinner, pudding and prosecco then chocolates. To the point I’ve had a stitch from walking with it, and wanted a nap. This feeling has been there when ive woken up, and hung around all day. The last couple of days had been the worst. I had to take pain killers to take the edge off the bloated feeling. My whole insides felt swollen. It started to hurt to sit, stand and bend and I had to ask work I felt I could do lighter duties, and 1 colleague commented that I looked pasty! Today the bloating has eased, but I’ve had stabbing pains in my left ovary again so I can only assume I’ve grown myself another big cyst. Yay me!

This feeling has left me wanting to lay on the sofa and not lift a finger but not because the pain is too much to deal with, but because I’ve felt exhausted. I’ve felt like a beached whale as I’ve been so uncomfortable. I’ve just not felt arsed to do anything to put it bluntly. But I have a son who needs me. He needs me to open the fridge so he can hunt for snacks, he needs me to roll around the floor and play cars with him, Hoover up his crumbs and clean up his little accidents when he doesn’t make the potty and shouts “Mummy! Wee wee on floor clean it up!’. I have fallen asleep on the couch most nights to my husbands horror too (yes, loss of libido).

This is not a blog post for sympathy. This is a blog post that is honest and open. When I talk to my husband about a topic to write about, he always suggests something like this and my response is “nobody wants to know about my period or our sex life!” But here it is. My instagram posts will always be honest, and I know there are other ladies far worse off than me. But this is MY endometriosis and it sucks but life goes on x




One thought on “The one where I talk about my endometriosis….

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been going through so much lately. But I think your husband is right, it’s helpful to talk about it and write about it and share your story with other people. It’s great to raise awareness and remind people that they’re not alone 😊

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