The 1 where my toddler is a potty mouth….


So instead of potty training we have a potty mouth!

I’ve heard stories over the years where parents have said their children have sworn. I’ve also been around children and accidentally sworn myself. I’ve told my nephews off for swearing and I’ve told them off for saying ‘bloody’ when it’s completely unnecessary.

Can you imagine my face when my 2 year old came out with “f*****g” ? Mortified!

His dad had opened the window and ‘hocked a lougie’. Daniel copied him in a fashion and followed it up with “f*****g outside”. I laughed when he told me, and hubby warned we need to be careful what we say around him as he is copying everything we do.

The following day, walking up the stairs he looked at a picture and exclaimed “f*****g butterflies!”

Over the next week he had randomly said the F word, and we had ignored it. He hasn’t used it in perfect context unlike my friends little boy who muttered to himself “where the f**k is it?” Whilst looking for a toy, or an “Oh shit”. Each story she tells me reassures me and also makes me giggle.

It’s funny for a minute, then you think about explaining this to your childminder, listening to him around other children and ensuring you aren’t being a potty mouth too.

Things were going well. Then in a short car journey home from his Nans road rage hit me after a BMW came flying up behind me leaving em actually fearing for my life as I thought he’d smash into the back of our car. That was it. I saw red “f*****g a***hole” and gestures to him. What follows next will make you laugh if you have any sense of humour. Daniel was then on repeat “F*****g f*****g f****g” “f*****g a***hole, f*****g a***hole” giggling away to himself. And thus explains where he’s picking up all the naughty words. In the car.

So if you think you’re having a bad parenting day, just think about a 2 year old who can pronounce perfectly ‘f*****g a***hole’



One thought on “The 1 where my toddler is a potty mouth….

  1. That’s funny!!! Why is is the bad words they remember and can say perfectly? … My little cousin was like that and I tried my best not to laugh in front of him but it was funny. My daughter is soaking up everything right now and I tell her dad all the time to PLEASE watch his language around her. Kids are something else!


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